{Stateview News} Session Room Raiders

:bomb: Session Room Raiders

A glitch has been found that if you go up to the walls in the session room, you might be able to shoot the people inside. While I was attending @Blub20074’s shift, we had a hacker and multiple raiders using this glitch. Some even managed to get a CAR into the session room.

Some precautions you should take:

  • It’s best to get the raiders/people distracting the session punished ASAP before they cause more trouble
  • After the 3rd call, you shouldn’t wait that long and it is best to lock the session room faster.
  • CAC+ can tp users to the session room so if you have a CAC+ supervising then ask them to TP them into the session room (This is because raiders can go in when you unlock the doors.)
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Its all exploiters, just make sure tomreport those ppl

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This also happened in Silas training and I got killed 2 timez

Good point, remember to report in intel

It’s so true. I was trying to host my 1st ever shift and someone just kills me and my supervisor.