Stateview Prision

*Warden+ should have admin. And should be able to host shifts and host trainings! (Great feature for the future.) Also we should be able to go into to City but only Warden+!

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I agree with the admin thing and the host abilities but I disagree with the city thing. I dont know why you would need to.

True I agree my brother suggested that lol!

I can 99.999% guarantee you that this is will never come to fruition. Even if this were to be implemented, the rank of Warden easy to obtain, which would therefore make it extremely easy for people to abuse these powers, which would therefore make the change be reverted possibly a few hours to a few minutes after it is added.


No, this would be terrible for various reasons:

  1. supervisors, For a CP it is currently already terrible having to find a supervisor, as there are just too many CP, Adding 3.5K Extra warden to it is going to make it only worse.
  2. Hosting spots, There just wouldn’t be any place for hosting, as there would always be 4 people hosting. Now you can just say “Just increase the limit to 10” This wouldn’t work, as there would be like 2 people attending a shift.
  3. Commands, You would have to give wardens the H command, and perms to type in sessions, as warden is an easy rank to get, this would be massively abused.
  4. Experience, Most of the wardens get their rank at about level 30, Giving them the perms to host a shift just wouldn’t be good, these not high-level wardens don’t know all the rules, and definitely haven’t attended that many shifts, when I reached level 30 and got warden, I only attended 10 shifts so far, that just isn’t enough experience to host.
  5. Only Wardens can be captains, as a lot of wardens would stop attending shifts as they can host them, which would result in a massive decrease in wardens attending shifts.
  6. Grammar and other small staff rules, Staffing wants our HR’s (And basically all of our staff) to have a good skin tone and proper grammar, as wardens would be able to host, it would really increase how wardens are being looked at, as so would their grammar and skin tone become way more important.

In the end, wardens are just high-level players, Not HR’s, and the warden rank is quite easy to obtain for anyone who really wants it, therefore, I hope more for a Trusted warden rank, which can co-host shifts, and have the same admin as gamepass owners, but with the perms to use it on others. This rank would be given to you half the way to CP by a CAC+.

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We could limit certain commands and abilities.

How? Using the res command once a minute can already be abused, or continuously rejoining, also it would be quite hard to do those things.

And how are they gonna solve the other problems?

Give them a different type of admin… That might work.

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But with what commands? Most of the useful commands can be abused, the only commands that can’t be abused are view, pm, and sit. (Sit can be, but not that much).

Just put limits on them. Dont let them spam it. Put rules in place.

View can be abused by looking at locations of crims

I disagree with everything except nothing,
Warden had admin before but it was mass abused,
Hosting shifts and trainings would be hell and even if they did there aren’t enough CAC+ also you would have to make more then 4 sessions at once
And you can go in city now.

View pm and sit can slip be abused.

If this was to come it’d be a separate rank like “trusted warden” or “LR Supervisor” or something like that