Stateview Shift Debate/Vote

Stateview Vote
This post was created solely for expressing a suggestion that the community will have the opportunity to vote upon. We ask that you take this vote into full consideration, before casting your vote.

Stateview’s reputation was founded on sessions, authority, and roleplay. Back in version one each member who joined Stateview wanted to earn the ranks, and maintain control over the facility commanding officers.

Back then, the session we know as “shifts” was not an active part of the community. These “shifts” were actually how daily operations occurred, simply by the training of high ranks during sessions (training/inspections) that took usually around one hour to two hours each.

Taking this into consideration, we need to include the daily operations of version-two. It’s absolutely nothing like version-one, in any way. The members who join, DO NOT roleplay and DO NOT care about the actual game infrastructure itself. This is because the staffing development of it has created daily sessions that occur almost every 15-30 minutes. These sessions accumulate almost 5 to 8 people at most. Which is very low in aspects of company sessions.

When we compare Stateview to other large roleplaying organizations, we are almost at the bottom of the list in roleplaying aspects… Primarily because we do not give the proper training required to operate a roleplaying organization. The primary cause of this, are the 500 sessions hosted every week since 2021. Entirely decreasing actual player engagement.

Current Suggestion

Due to the mass influx of sessions hosted every day, week, and month. I suggest deleting shifts entirely. Deleting shifts, will open more doors of opportunity while also establishing a more organized structure within our community. This will also grant higher-ranks more stability in engaging with members of our community, by simply supervising/hosting ingame sessions and or conducting daily operations. As for Chairperson, I have no suggestion other than removing the quota and or limiting it.

In addition to this, creating a unsorted schedule specifically for training’s [If shifts are removed]. This schedule will make training’s RARELY hosted, but the demand to attend them is very high. Meaning there would be a mass increase in session-attendees every time a session is hosted.

Training’s will need to be updated to fit the needs of actual roleplaying standards, in order to fully push this suggestion.

Unsorted Schedule Regulation: You must wait for exactly one-hour after the previous session concludes, in order to host another session.

This is a simple community suggestion while pointing out the facts for both sides. Let us know down below what YOU want to see happen... Remember to look at the facts,

  • Remove Shifts
  • Keep Shifts

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me and all my homies hate shifts


Removing shifts would be a good idea for increasing roleplay, gameplay, etc. But I can see a few disadvantages to this idea too and I would like to note them from my perspective.

  1. Most HRs are in the EST time zone. Though this idea would decrease sessions for that timezone it would basically mean sessions disappear in many others such as mine (GMT+8) since we highly depend on shifts to show some activity which already happens rarely and training happens once every few hours here. Not to mention there are holidays right now so session activity would get worst for other timezones.

  2. Quota issues with HRs. The few HRs in considerably more “dead” time zones can do quota easily. But what about the more alive timezone? HRs and FDs would have to fight for the SR while others fight for Co-host. And since they’re going to be rare it makes doing quota very difficult which may result in many people resigning.

My solution to this to remove shifts:
Change how quota works once again and add some alternative ways to do them. So as an example you can either do 1 session or be in-game for 2 hours. (Example only). That way if HRs can’t manage to do sessions they can use in-game activity to solve it.


There would be more set regulations, before transitioning into something such as this.


I believe removing shifts could potentially be a good idea in terms of roleplay, however I feel this could cause a lot of issues. The reason I think this is because when it comes to hosting a session whether that be a training or a shift there is always a fight to try and post your session first due to the 10 minute cooldown. Making sessions hourly would only increase the fight to create your session first. Also this would mean that players who are late for the training and do not manage to get in would not have the opportunity to join the next session in a timely manner as there wouldn’t be a session for at least another hour. I don’t believe many will agree to have shifts removed as the people who hold the Chairperson rank will probably feel a bit useless and that they worked for their rank for nothing. If shifts were to be removed they would have to be replaced by something really good in my opinion. Not another session but some sort of activity that engages everyone in the server and possibly find something else for SI-CP to do to replace the fact that they can no longer host/co-host shifts which is an important part of the rank for most of them.


That’s the goal of the entire vote.


I Don’t think it’s a good idea. People have school till late in the day, for me this is quite annoying since i am free at 15:40 and home at 16:45. In that time period i would still have to wait 2+ hours to attend in session. If i will be promoted somewhere soon, this would have the same issue and would not get to my Qouta. Unless the CP Quota would be removed. Maybe another sessions for SI’s?


Sessions may put out on an unofficial unsorted schedule to maintain the operations during different timezones.

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This would probably be bad for CPs because they won’t be able to host any more. They would only be able to help or co in other sessions. Maybe if shifts are deleted CPs could host trainings?

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it will ruin cp for all of us sodon’tremove it

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the thing is, shifts are boring.

we need variety between every different shift
maybe there is a gun training (fps + tps)
team building training
education and staff team training
faces and exercise

just some examples
maybe team building is every 10 sessions and gun training every 2
you decide that one trey

but gun training can be either:
aim in stateview
external games on roblox ( I can direct you to them + much better)

team building:
learn to work in pairs and patrol the city to find a secret criminal and capture them
(better in another game which I can show you)

education and staff team training:
basically just education about everything pretty boring tbh just tells you literally everything about the rules so people not in dizzy can understand them like gavtree

faces and exercise
self explanatory, need obstacle course in SV tho and an outdoor pads with trees surrounding so it looks cool

hope you like my idea so we don’t host 50 shifts that are the exact same a week :slight_smile:

ALSO - Your promotion should not depend on the amount of shifts you host, however should be the quality and quantity combined for the best experience amongst all.
I can recommend this be done by maybe? attendees give a score of the host (optional) which is anonymous on google forms or sum and when they reach like 50 5 stars someone can go undercover and watch them host or sum

hope you like ideas :slight_smile:


Biased Vote. Warden - Chairperson won’t approve due to them losing power.


It’s really only SI-CP. Wardens don’t really do anything other than help in trainings :man_shrugging:

But we get a promo in a shift And maybe you are right.

Just remove promotions in shifts, therefore people will attend more trainings for a promotion