Stateview V3 Signs

Staff Signs/Redeem Codes

Hello!! I think in V3 Stateview Prison, it would be really cool if we add some Signs. These signs, will contain a code to head to the redeem GUI and enter to like redeem a prize this could be like a special name tag or something idk.

We could possibly have many signs, containing letters or numbers such as:


And you have to find many signs or just one sign, it would be cool.


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I see…


skoseck, Facility Director, Events Team, Certified Duck.

the prizes thing won’t really work tbh but the svp signs already in front of the prison

It’s not about signs, they could be hidden but you find them and possibly redeem a gun or something. Then they could update every certain updates, and eventually after one code has been entered the prize could expire, this could happen for promotion codes or something.

I’ve got another question now
What prizes?

Promotion, Guns/Items for that server, Nametag of “REDEEMER” for a limited time. And more that is decided

Well this is unlikely to happen because Stateview profits from the fact that it costs money to buy the guns. And also giving everyone access to a gun would be hectic.

Mans speaking fax right now, literal fax

Wow sir rapid v3 seems pretty cool I would totally read so see video only of v3 sadly #blacklisted