Stop making suggestions to have more power

I know this topic has probably been done before, but i feel like there’s need to repeat.
When making a suggestion you have to understand that trying to get for example PIs to have more power(same works with DW, W and CP) will just make you look hungry af and you’ll get flammed by @Sirnotnormal. Instead of doing this just work your ■■■ off as most of the actual HRs and the former ones did. You’ll achieve more by working than by begging for more power, even if it takes longer.

DorsalSpark6434 | Former FD

Yes dorsal is speaking so much faxs right now


Very factual and true statement

the reason why i quit forums is just that

theres no reason to flame people even if their suggestion isnt the best

Fax, people should put the work in to get what they want, not everything needs to be hand fed on a platter.

This topic works well with most LR Ranks, in particular, I know CP is MR but many CP think they deserve admin when we now have 1k CP, imagine the abuse, on top of that, FD is not incredibly difficult to get to.

Know this seems like a carry on but our current staff is beginning to be hungrier, if I saw this was what SV would look like a year ago, I would have just left lmfao, we need higher quality staff.