Straight Jackets! (Get rid of frisking)

This is an idea I’ve had a for a LONG time.
Something I experienced very often is officers (Often CO’S) heavily abusing frisking. Officers will often go around the status, cuff inmates, and frisk them without any reason. Coming from someone who plays as an inmate very often, frisking is very heavily abused by many newer users, even sometimes abused by DWs/Wardens. I know frisking was made to remove contraband items from users actively using contraband tools, but I have a few different ideas to replace frisking.
Straight jackets being added to the game was an idea I’ve had for a WHILE, even back in V1. The idea is this:
a new team (which i have no idea for a name) it goes along with Max security/Solitary inmates. This also goes in with the idea of adding back THE BOX or some sort of new padded cell placed within the Max/Sol cells. When user is placed in this team, the users contraband items are taken away and they are placed in a straight jacket uniform. I think this idea would be very fun, and it would help play into the roleplay aspect of the game! The placement idea I have for this cell area is on the back wall of the max cell area. The cell would be padded, including a large one-way mirror (facing the max/sol entrance) with a door without a window. This idea could also possibly replace the Max team, or improve on it seeing as max/sol teams dont really have much of a difference besides the names and a little bit of the cell layouts, making both the teams different in a variety of ways. Seeing as newer officers dont really know the difference, such as placing inmates using guns in sol cells and placing inmates with keycards in Max is something I see happening very often. I think it could help clear up the confusion a lot of officers have about the correct placement of inmates with contraband. Also adding a list of reasons on the wall for what inmates go into what cells depending on the contraband item they used, could help a ton!
Another idea i have for the replacing the frisk (that could also be added into the game with straight jackets, is when a user is teamed into Max/Sol, the tools the user have are automatically taken away when teamed, even after max/sol respawn (such as officers RKing instead of cuffing the inmate.)
These ideas could be heavily improved upon, but I think they would still be fun being added into the game!

if this does exist, it could be called the psych ward cell or something like that.

Well uh, you know it’s not a sanitarium. But a good idea for solitary.