Striking CMDs for DW- officials

Nowadays, we are having more and more officers joining our game, and with that abuse of power and rule-breaking is increasing. And it is difficult to keep up with the list of warned officers. So I propose adding a striking CMD, which can be used by W+ to mark anyone as warned once, or twice, or thrice. If this is added, it will be a lot easier to moderate their behaviour. The strike symbol will stay until an hour has passed, or it is manually removed. Trying to rejoin to get rid of strikes would result in a temporary kick from the server that would last 10 minutes. I would welcome any argument.

You said leaving would get them banned for 10 minutes. What if they just want to leave? Not to avoid the strikes, but just to leave. What are they supposed to do, wait a hour!?! How about the strikes just follow you around, instead of ban?

Warden is an easy rank to get, no way that this is gonna be in game

There’s actually a system of staff warnings - three staff warnings - demotion.


They can add CMD perms to Wardens who is passed a training or a shift.

Passing a training or a shift is also easy, this system is just based too much on the trust of wardens. Ans dont get me wrong MOST of the wardens can be trusted, but there are still a lot of them who dont fully know the rules, or will just abuse it.

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I know that’s why I said they can add cmd perms to Wardens who passed training or shift but if you thinking for rules it can be just training, not shifts. and that will be information for Wardens.

Passing a training is still easy, I would rather want to see a trusted warden/trial cp rank, they can co host shifts with a supervisor, and have the same commands as mod gamepass, but with the permission to use it on others.
(This rank would be granted at half the way too CP)

Yeah passing a training is easy but informational right? oh and about trustable. you are right.

There is already a staff warning system in place and giving Wardens the power to hand out strikes is never going to happen. CPs and FDs already need permission from CAC+ to even issue a staff warns so giving Wardens a similar power is not a good idea. It is very easy to get to the rank of Warden too, whether that is through in-game leveling, or through promotions, meaning it is easier for abusers to get their hands on.

True. It should be CAC+ like it is already. It is too much power for Wardens.

(I do not have a biased opinion as I am a Warden myself)

Nah should be CP+ many abusers and the game would be messy.

SV CP cin123456_2

No it isn’t yes it is easy to do but i don’t think you have that high of a chcance on picking you if you’re not good enough

This is a good idea and really smart but as someone has pointed out Warden is easy to get but it could be where you have to have been in the discord for like 3 months so it gives you time to learn the rules a lot more. It can be a reaction post where it has to be a certain time past to see and react to it.(W)- iraswag07