Stuck on the loadingscreen

Everytime I start the game, I’m stuck on the loadingscreen. No matter how often I rejoin, I’m still stuck. Some other players have this problem as well, some don’t.

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Many PC players have this, needs urgent fix @dpimpy

Try to set graphics settings to automatic(NOT MANUAL)

i have the same problem and even on automatic graphics it gets suck on the loading screen

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same and also my avatar wont load on the menu

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Ye same I get stuck in the loading screen and my avatar won’t load

This issue has been solved. For faster resolution please include all information necessary listed in the How to Post a Bug Report

I’ve (alpatov0306 aka _gamono#8958) find out that a lot of players can’t get to the team select, and this bug is a graphics and distance of details, because this happens when a player have low graphics (3-2 and lower) trigger buttons need to be closer to camera in menu, also this bug happens with all trigger buttons(store, about, play) it’s easy to fix but developers not fixing this:(

Urgent fix needed @dpimpy , many PC players have this

I don’t have any problems with the new update.

Notice how he says 4D_X and not frankie.