Suggestion For A Feature

Maybe Let wardens lock doors and have criminals have to lock pick them if there is a lockdown. And maybe have differs lock picks for different door types.

This is a really good idea! I think it would work well!

This could (and would) be easily abused. This also defeats the purpose of the keycard gamepass.

No! This would be fun! Imagine! Your a criminal going to help other inmates escape when you find you have to pick a lock! You have a lock pick supplied to you already so you do! Also it would only be for criminals!

Maybe you can have 5 locks and then hide the key…

How about this, A Warden can only lock one door for five minutes and it unlocks, to prevent abuse.

Yea but the prison doors require keycards too unlock not lockpicks so it would be a little unrealistic

How about jail doors?

All doors in a jail are jail doors???

N o

Auto level up for those promoted through training, I worked my way up the ranks through training all the way to Warden, however now I am a level 8 warden so no one takes me seriously as they think I bought my rank.

I feel your pain, I’m a level 19 warden, and I’m called a rank-buyer a lot. One time I was PM’ed by someone (who was an LSI?) saying “I see you fight and buy ranks xD” or something like that.

No, we use levels also as a way of measuring activity, by giving people free levels trough trainings it would ruin that