Suggestion for Request supervisior channel. [CP+ Please tell your opinion!]

So, as we all know. We have channel called #:construction_worker_man: | request-supervisior.
So my suggest is next…
When you find supervisior, you have to delete your message from the channel. Also when you are supervising someone, you have to delete your message too, or then DM “available”. This is because then FD+ can see those, who really needs supervisior. And this status thing will not change it as good as this. For this, we could find supervisior faster.

Tell your opinion!

  • SIGNED - Henkka1981 - CP


basically, most people wouldnt do it and the status thing is already good. if a FD is looking to supervising then they should search activly. ofc you can do this and tell many people since it isnt prohibited but i say dont make it neccassary to do

Some people might get demoted for inactivity if this happens.

Like how are they inactivity?

Bye deleting saying yes to supervising people might think it’s inactive because nobody will supervise anybody then.

They delete message after they havve supervisior. They have to log it.

How would they log it if they have to delete the log.

They have to log sessions to our sessions log. They have to log the supervisior too.

What? They have separate logs dark-

I’m just confused. Oh that’s what you mean.

It can be used to see activity, so no

They havent checked it from there. Also they dont use that channel to check.

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