Suggestion of a huge game re-make

I’d like to start my suggestion by saying: Increase the max players in servers amount. It doesn’t have to be much, but the current servers get filled easily and there isn’t even lag.

With that, there comes my main suggestion:
Build a whole new prison double the size as we have so much players, but barely anything to do in the game.

Not only should we upgrade our prison, but our city and outside deserves a chance too! So I want to suggest onto that a new, bigger and actually functional city with things to do and possibly things like cars, new guns and maybe houses…?

So to sum it up: Bigger/new prison, New and a functional city with things to do and possibly a better outside decoration like a forest, park or something and some new stuff like maybe cars, guns and things that could make our community way more advanced and actually enjoyable by our old and new players.

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There making SV v3 its coming out this month.

I agree with everything except the double prison size, the prison now is alr very big, if the devs make it bigger new players won’t know where to go.


Version 3 is in the making and is coming out either this month or a bit longer. It will have some good things in!

Mans legit predicted this update months early. It’s a great idea, def why the devs are doing it!