Suggestions,ideas. (I don't have name lol)

Note: GP means: GamePass
1:remove the fucking ammo system
Never saw a prison or roleplay with limited ammo and that just w i l l be hard and annoying
2:Add a criminal GP (read note) for 1000 robux or less.
3: give back guns to inmates and officers:
“What a good day in prison without riots,bored?quit.” (This was reason)
4: Delete Co,Ert,comm,pi gamepasses (dw,W and cp maybe):
Why? Here; u must be stupid person that can’t complete it,or having bad English knowledge.
They cab just YT for help (i used it before lol)
Ert gamepass remove reason: Tbh you can get it in 2/4 hours by completing missions and gameplay.
Comm gp remove reason: Comm that cost 1400 robux?I can’t even name it “P2W”,comm still not that rank that hight,respected.
Pi GP remove or rework reason l:oh hell naw man :skull:,that cost to much,remove it or just make it less.

I would add for DW,W and CP: expensive p2w,
If you gonna make gp cost less we will have a lot of 7 levels CP :skull:.

Criminal base teleport and reset:make that you can reset character, annoying when you need reset and you can’t do it.
And make if u reset as criminal,you will appear/spawn in criminal base.

new quests: more variety.

By robert5899602 Prison Inspector

That was long and hard.

I personally think the first thing isnt necassary as it is a roleplay game and not a criminal vs cop game, same goes for suggestion 3, for the 2nd point I strongly disagree as this would cause more riots (again this is a roleplay game not pvp game) and would make it highly unfair, a similar gamepass to this is the instant escape pass which compared to your suggestion is fair as its a one time use only, and for the 4th point I do see your point and also think the gamepasses are unnecassary but it doesnt do you any harm, does it? If someone wants to buy it up to them even when the gamepass is useless.

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So… How developers should get earnings?