Suggestions to Ingame SVP! READ THIS PLS. I NEED OPINIONS! [Devs read pls]! Really long!

Hello! My name is Henkka1981 and i’m Chairperson in Stateview Correctional Facility! Now i will give some suggestions to devs to add ingame! I wish that they will read this. This has only my ideas!
“Henkka1981 - Chairperson - 3.1.2022”

As we all know, we have sessions room for all sessions. But now i will give some suggests. There would be command for FD+. This would be used when someone can’t fall in. As we know in trainings, there is some people to asking fall in. So my suggestion is to make command, that would lock the staircase to the SR. Also when you say srlock, it opens both. But only FD+. The commands isn’t same to lock the staircase.
There is some guards, who just bring crims/Inmates to the SR, glitch them in and also some guards who shoot and disturbs the on-going session. They have a lot of different ways to do that.

    So as we all know, we have some phases in training. So my suggestion is to make the sessions room larger. Make little bit longer lines etc. Also we would have “Special shooting range”. There the target would move to every direction, and the speed is same as when the player is running. You could have to kill it in 8 Seconds.
    There would be lo to see, who was in the sessions room. You can see rank, Skin and username. This would be good to know, which of all was in your shift! You would have command to save it. Also you can view the “log/list” Any time where you want. This is for CP+. Also when you have STS once, you will recieve little tiny walls. This would make gaps, would not have roof and no pushing when people tries to find place! Also there would be their name! Much easier to sit and also it would come to your head legth. So in trainings we can see that was someone slow in faces.
    When there is 2 People inside, it places white thing. When someone touches the thing around the box, it switches color to red. Then we can see, did someone leave from the box.

Control room to max. It would have cameras in each cell, COMM+ and also you could only open the cell door from the SCR. It would have 3 Doors, and have much cameras around it, and around the max cell. Criminals/inmates can open one door like now with keycard.

This would be for every single rank. You can change the speed and the ways of that how the target moves. You can see your stats also.

So this is simple. Only COOM+ Can make it trough from the doors, and also only COMM+ can open the doors. Medics cane go behind, but not from back. Or add the border to control, so no one MO-ERT can mess with controls and do LD or Close doors!
Also to max!

Do some new ranks. And also the devs will do them, i don’t suggest what!

As we know, due to new update with Cars, the Guards and inmates have disturbed our sessions with them SO my suggestion is… You have to be far away from the SR to get your horn. Or then make the sound lower. Also inside the prison walls, you can’t use bright lights.

Add some currency system, like you can edit your car. Also you can do some jobs as inmate like paint cars. Add garage to prison too. Also make possible that people can enter to city buildings. Also make some race for criminals.

These would be for ERT+. These would be usefull when it’s dark, so we can see better outside!

Also can we be able to get new weapons, it would be cool. Also criminal HQ to city. It would have a lot, like planning room etc. Same for guards in prison and to police station! Also helicopters would be nice, new or updated guides, new sessions and new prison!


  • SIGNED - Henkka1981 - ChairPerson!
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Tell your opinion!

-Signed - Henkka1981 - Chairperson

Some good suggestions here!

For letting people fall in just get a CAC+ to bring or if there is no CAC+ just type srlock twice.

I don’t feel like we need to expand the sessions room as we already have enough decent space for shooting/accuracy. If players were able to move in all directions during shooting it would be hard, especially for mobile players but it would be more realistic. A log of people being in the SR would be hard I think as sometimes criminals / inmates / people getting dismissed or just not in the session would be there. The box idea is amazing but I am not sure how easy it would be to implement it and it would have to be resetted regularly.

A control room to Max and Solitary cells would be good as well as cameras as those inmates are supposed to be more dangerous than regular ones.

A border would be good but medical staff should be exempt from it as some MO’s walk through the CR but don’t stop there to go to CB without going the long way round and afaik it is not punishable.

As for new ranks, I don’t think we need any at the moment.

The way to solve this without moving the whole SR or the parking lot is to have a setting where you can turn off Vehicle Sounds like with Boomboxes and Lockdown.

4D said a currency system is coming I think a few months ago. The city is good but it would be good if the stuff we can do there is limited so Stateview doesn’t become Jailbreak.

Flashlights are good, new weapons aswell. I think new weapon gamepasses would be a great way for Jimmy to earn some money.


Locking the staircase is bad, there still is the camera room.

One suggestion.


Maybe give the hardest workers a Promo so it motivates.

Nah getting hardest worker is ez in a 20 minute shift, hardest workers do count towards being promoted to CP though

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Then add own straircase to Camera room. So there would be 2 ways to get into Camera room.

Wish that the devs will find this!

There are space limitations so this can not be posible.

Nice ideas but if only certain ranks are allowed to go to certain areas, what about spawn points? For example: Infirmary Staff spawn point is right next to CR. If MOs wanted to get to CB than they would have to down staircases and through more doors, which would make it extremely annoying for them. Also, if there was a command to lock the staircase, there would be no way to use the cams.

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Fax, we cant just be givin out promos that easily lol, trainings already hella easy.

Good suggestions there, but if they also lock the staircase, the cameras aren’t accessible anymore.

Nice these are some good suggestions.