Suggests for V3+Current Version

Suggestion 1 - CR Limits
Firstly, we should add a rank-lock to the CR panel. COMM+ may use the doors and lights, while DW+ may use the LD alarm. If an LD is active but there are no DW+ present in the server, the alarm will automatically shutoff. On top of that, if there are no COMM+ present, the CR panel will automatically lock, and all settings will reset to default.

Suggestion 2 - Invisible Wall at Criminal Spawn
I have seen too many guards camping the criminal spawn. My suggestion is to add an invisible wall around it. If a guard crosses it, they will be respawned and given a warning on their screen.

Suggestion 3 - Turn Off Friendly Fire For Criminals/Inmates (Excludes Inmates Punching Other Inmates)
I have seen too many inmates and criminals killing each other with guns due to friendly fire being turned off.

Suggestion 4 - Private Server For RPCs
I was in an RPC as a helper earlier today, I kept on being arrested/electrocuted by random guards. I suggest making a private server then locking it for RPCs.

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Suggestion 3 is such a good idea.

Also suggestion 2 isnt really good because some people might need to go there on staff duty or to stop some players

If that is the case for suggestion 2, then we could make so that admins with the TP command can warp there?