SV Roblox UGC capes

I was wondering if we own a cape item such as the “'GG CAPE” Could we use that as our cape if we have the cape gamepass?

I’m unsure what you mean? Could you explain a little more? Cause if you mean what I think you mean, then you should be able to use whatever cape you want to. You can decorate custom capes you know.

I Mean you should be able to equip capes in the back items section of your roblox inventory.

If a am correct the capes from Stateview Donor Perks are only for Stateview. If you could equip them from back items, that would be for every game. Tell me if I am getting at what you are talking about.

You can’t use your own accessories from your inventory.

No, Criminals can use It on the criminal team.