SVGA should have Staff Handcuffs

Hear me out first.

SVGA should have staff cuffs because it would be way easier to handle modcalls and abusers ingame. They should only be given during adminduty. It also makes it easier to stop abusers ingame because we just have to cuff them to stop them. If thy refuse to stop jumping around in the AR or run away from us, staff cuffs can be used to stop them. Staff cuffs wouls be useful for modcalls for people who crowd and refuse to patrol during a modcall.

In general, Im just saying staff cuffs would make SVGA’s job a whole lot easier.

GA Admin.


Please use the search bar first. Also, I agree.

I agree, but imagine a SVGA warden cuffing a regular SI

I see no problem with that, OC get the same ability.

First of all, I’ve said this a million times, SVGA simply does not need staff cuffs. I am tired of these suggestions. OC gets the ability to cuff staff because that’s kind of what they’re supposed to do. However, SVGA on the other hand primarily focuses on enforcing the rules in game. SVGA can simply use the bring command, and realistically, what would you even need staff cuffs for?

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Also, before you start saying im biased because I am also in OC, even when I’m dealing with rule-breakers, I rarely see myself even using staff cuffs. Alternatively, just use the “bring” or “to” command. and stop suggesting this!

Hello! I fully agree with you on this. GA’s should 100% have some sort of detention tool or command. Until this is implemented, GA’s are able to bring suspects to a private area such as HC offices or the hidden room beside HC offices in the wall. I have placed this suggestion to the COS of GA’s, so hopefully, we can see this implemented soon.

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Well here is the thing.

The purpoese of SVGA is to moderate the game. We already have SHR Admin so why cant we be trusted with them. Staff cuffs help us do this

If you read anything he just said you’d know you don’t need them, OC and GA are two different departments with two different jobs. GA simply doesn’t need staff cuffs.

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