Switch gun system to Carbon Engine

Carbon Engine offers so much more guns, rather than the 4 there currently are. This would also make for a better crouching system than the one currently in place, as you basically just fall through the ground… -_-

I’m pretty sure that they won’t be changing it
jerryomgxu - FD

Carbon engine is obfuscated and has severe security issues, which is why we will not change.

Wdym by falling through the ground?

He means that the legs go though the ground blub

My lega never go through the ground tho~

Leg through ground what? Never happened to me

At least change the crouching thing, it’s horrible

what about it is? i dont see any problem to be honest

Jonah right now all crouching does is slightly move your character into the floor

4D said animations are being added, didnt have time to yet.

What crouching thing
Idk what ur talking abt lol

Blub please read rubys posts up there
(Give me characters)

Use Alpha Engine. It is better than CE if you wont use it…

Than make new guns or something?

Do you like, have to revive dead posts?