Task system is buggy

Ok, so the task system is broken, if you complete your task and if they say “Task Completed” or if it says “1 of 1” and you leave the game and wait like 1 to 2 mins, and the tasks will refresh them self’s when you join back the game, the tasks act like its a brand new day. This bug is recurring bug.

Yes, 100% true

I was told the same thing but Idrk about the level

Without you doing the tasks it takes 7 or 8 hours just to gain a level instead on 1 hour, unlike the old level system.

Cap it takes one hour. More. Give.

No it takes 4 hours. 4d changed it to prevent afk farming

Well it’s still not a third of a day.

I got told it took longer, people have given me all sorts of “said” amount of hours, but not a said amount of hours to gain a level

Bruhhh 1 hour was way better
Haven’t played game for ages now and all I hear is about updates being trash af