Team command back to CP/FD+

Putting back “team” command to all Admin Staff member (CP+ or FD+).
This removal is annoying to all of us and to our work, Training sessions decreased because of this, we have to be Supervised everytime for a single command, I personally have to skip “Shooting” because of this waste of time to bring back an inmate for each traineers.

I asked in game to some Admins and all of them approved my complains.


Hello @ShinoniBun Yes I understand exactly what you mean but me and @dpimpy have discussed about it and it was removed due to people (CP-FD) teaming themselvs High Command.

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Hi, is there “maybe” a way of deleting the ‘high command’ command for CP, FD so only CAC+ can use it?

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Hiya, it’s a team so I don’t think it can be deleted for certain ranks.

It is possible if you edited the script from the source code

Probably, I’ll contact the developers for you c: I doubt it will actually happen though.

You could make a script that kick people who write or use the command "team me “High Command” It’s very simple to make. CAC+ can change in the team change GUI, so it’s not needed


You could configure the Basic Admin Essentials v2 “MainModule” & add more admin levels, it’s not hard to do, if you understand scripting. You just need to replace the loader ID, with the new main module.

Basic Admin Main Module

That has already happened, hence the CP-FD admin (MR Admin) and replace it by,

Already happened

I know, but you could still add more admin levels. You could add a level for each rank like "CP, FD, CAC, PC, BOG, COS, PE, BDT, CWOTB & CMOTB. It would only take 30 minutes to add the few ranks. I made custom levels for my game too.

I disagree, there is enough levels already.

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One more level could be cool, our FDs want the team command. The removal of the team command, had made some of us FD mad (You know what I mean). The removal of team command have ruined our way to host a session on our own.

- Valdemarcrafter

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Completely agree.


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You can, you could also make a team handler that says.

If people is on team, they have to be in group & have a rank.
If people not are the required rank, they will be kicked or teamed to inmate. I use it for my own game.

Maybe a seperate admin rank for trusted CP/FD. This rank would not come with any gamepass admin. I also think that only BoG+ would be able to give it.

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This would be really great, i would say it is FD+, and you need to have hosted at least 5 trainings

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Chairperson? Probably not.
Facility Director? Yes.
It shouldn’t be hard to stop the “team me High Command” and Facility Directors are supposed to be, well, TRUSTED. That’s the reason they even ARE Facility Directors.

I agree a 100%. I think only FD should need it because CP’s dont really need it. Only FD.

Signed by:
TrolloVonGollo - Chairperson.

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I fully agree with this. But I do think only FD will need it.

Sorry. I also mean FD+. I think i writed it too fast.

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