Teams Weapons ETC

I request a Air Support team that allows you a Blackhawk and with it it has a spotlight and comes with 4 parachutes 6 M4A1s and make this for DW+ Also add a Tear Gas Gun for Cell block in case of riots and make it to where we can close and open doors from far away with cameras on a little tablet for PI+ Also add juggernaut team with 500 health that costs 2500 robux included with a minigun for criminals and raider and make it to where you are randomly picked and there can only be one and make it to where if you survive for 10 minutes you get 3 lives with a stolen keycard a ak and a pistol

Have you thought about how terrible the game would become like this? “Air support team” Do you expect people to fly above the prison all day? Its gonna be boring and OP, also the juggernaut team, a mini-gun and 500 HEALTH? with the 200 health and a AKM i can already own 15 ERT’s at the same time, giving these things to someone who is even better would literally make it impossible to stop raids.

I think Air Support team would be cool! But we arent the type of game for a juggernaut team.

This is a prison game not a war game.

Dd3819 - Warden (Level 204)