Temporary rank for FD

If a FD needs to host a training but needs a CAC+ to supervise instead there could be a temporary rank between FD & CAC so if they want to host they can just ask for the temporary promotion to that rank which has team and bring commands no game ban and after the training they go back to FD
This can reduce pressure on CAC+

Or they could just train without supervision.

There won’t because if they would host training alone the could say that their friends pass the training even if they did not.

Any FD can currently already do that. Buy if it gets found out you’ll be punished a lot. I personally just have a document where i can exactly see who passed after the training

Hello @Ethanniko12 & @blub20074,
It’s allowed to host a training without a supervisor, you’ll not get punished for it. The only thing you need, is to have a ranker to rank the passers. I also thought you needed a supervisor, but after asking arround 4 Leadership members & 4 Senior High Ranks, it doesn’t sounds like you need to have one. Most of Them answer

It’s not required to have a supervisor in trainings, but you need a ranker to rank. The supervisor will just do it easier for you to host your session & make it faster to host.

(Temp ranks should not be added)

I know, i was talking about that you will get punished if you let people pass your training (and give them to the ranker) just because they’re a friend

Oh, ok. I didn’t understood it that way.

Yeah any FD+ can do that right now anyway. They’d get a suspension or demotion if caught though. And alot of FD+ host without supervision anyway.