The classification does work in Stateview Communications

Please include the following in your reports.

  • Description: When I write “!Getroles” or “!Verify”, do not classify me. I’m trying to rejoin and reset the wifi router, but not working.

  • How often does it occur: All the time.

  • Where does it occur: In Stateview Communications discord server.

  • How to reproduce: ?

  • Video showing the bug: It is not possible to record this.

  • My Rank In-Game: Warden.

  • Discord User: dacuper#3143

  • Rank Proofs:

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Can you send a screenshot of you trying to verify?

The Error In Video.

I have a visual error, discord put my brother account nickname “Hery_Milton”.

Have you tried changing your linked account on RoVer? If not, you can do so here: RoVer Verification. (I’m pretty sure Stateview uses RoVer’s verification API.


Thank you very much indeed this fixed the error.

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