The gun spawn in the Guard area

So I just found out that you can get guns from the guard spawns.
Aka the AR.

And I feel like that is just way to overpowered meaning anyone can get it for free.
And it it gives the guards a super unfair advantage as 2 inmates can nearly take over the entire prison.
And it just does not feel like it should really be a reality.
As you can really destroy nearly anyone in your path.
And the gun has like 0 recoil.

The guards have the m4 too, its nothing but fair

Yeah is it?
When we are talking about Correctional team?
Who only got pistols and gets raided.
And only for the inmate gaining a free M4
And just using that to go even harder on them.

Tbh I think it was the fairest decision made here how is it not fair I think it makes inmates a chance to actually have fun without having to walk 4 miles into the city.

I think it’s not unfair, the guards spawn there and hence can easily kill inmates, spawn-killing is against the rules and also the AR is a different place NOT the guard spawn area.

You can switch to the team “Emergency Response Team”.

How about remove it from the CO spawn so it is only at the ERT one as only they get it so this would make sence?

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