The invisible blocks from a cops POV

Hello, I am a Warden.

And I notice that the invisible blocks around Crim’s base are very small so when any cop goes to Crim’s base they are able to almost kill, I understand that when cops go to crimes base it should be reported to FD+ however there isn’t many CP or W who would be responsible in making sure cops are not camping at crims base.

My recommendation is that the make the zone for crims to be where cops can not reach the crims close to the base and maybe if a cop is outside the prison walls an alert should pop up saying you are not allowed in the area via a bot and if the person repeats going to the city then the bot could do a server kick of that user.

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But you are allowed out the city…

First of all, FDs and CPs have (nearly) the same moderation power.

Second of all, why though? They can go to the town…

I disagree. You are allowed at city as dark and greekui said. Already crims base have an invisible barrier and i think that barrier is already enough for against to any camper. Also i dont think someone would camp at criminal base for just kill them. You can go to city for arrest criminals if there’s an raid. You cant already pass barrier and being killed by criminals if you’re attemped to camp there. And usually when there’s an raid, cops already can not go to city because they’re already being killed by any criminal near to outer gate. So scripting an bot for roaming at city would be wrong since you are allowed at city.

no you are not allowed, as a cop, a CP did a annocment saying that cops are not allowed outside the prison walls

No because CPs are saying that cops are not outside the prison walls and some cops do camp close to crims base, i have seen it

Well a CP told me and i have seen it messages saying that cops are not allowed to go outside the prison walls and i had to report 2 cops yesterday on discord because they were camping right on the invisible walls

okay then, but as i said cops already getting killed near to outer gate if there’s a raid or riot. So usually they can not come to spawns. But if someone were camping at criminal spawn and there’s no warden/deputy warden, you can report them with a screen shot/video at intel server.

Yes that is what i did, ik the cops get killed when crims raid near the gate but when there is only like 2 crims cops raid the crimes base and get very close that’s why the invisible blocks need to be extended or to add a zone where if a cop goes past then a bot can issue a warning

A long time ago they removed the city rule, you can just not camp it. Later, they changed the city to a town. Pretty sure same rules apply.

Umm well the CPs and the FDs right now are saying different stories

You are allowed into city, as long as you dont camp there.

Blub20074, CAC


City rule was reverted like months ago. Camping is still notcallowed though.


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