The main problem with this game

Alright, so the devs tried to limit cadet abuse from CR by making the lockdown only be able to be turned on by someone who is on the ERT team. It is good and all but, why? If you could just make lockdowns only be turned on by DW+ that would be amazing. It seems like the developers go for more of a “Oh you aren’t allowed to go there, so you can’t do that” instead of making an actual system that detects players ranks and making an actual restriction for ranks that don’t fit the requeirements. The lockdown isn’t the only problem though, as there are many more areas that are rank locked but in reality, anyone can do it, such as: Session Room: PC+ (When there is no active session); Control Room: COMM+; Max/Sol CB: ERT+; Electric Chair: DW+.
The game is amazing and all, but this one thing really bothers me and other people.

Dear kasg12,

As this is not the first discussion regarding this issue, I highly recommend checking the previous posts about this. The reason is to limit the amount of officers, so there always will be inmates, and things to do.

Then why would they need limits that don’t even work?

Wydm they don’t work, The team limits work…

He prob saw a team that was over the limit

Oh that

Not team limits, rank limitations. Such as Cadets being able to use the CR when it’s COMM+

Rank limitations are barely implemented currently the only one I seen in game is commands and Ert team required to turn on LD.

Facility Director

They most likely do this to make the play experience more geared towards realism, but I also agree tbh

Actually their strategy couldn’t be less realistic. If cadets in real life wouldn’t be able to go in a certain room, they would need some kind of keycard.

Staff abuse is exaggerated. The majority of LR’s are honest with their work and try to follow guidelines. If you see someone doing something wrong, a simple reminder goes a long way.

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Well it would be way better to make the actual room for COMM+. Not only does it remind them instantly, we don’t run into abuse.