The new mobile shooting system

Before I start on this I really don’t want to offend game creators and the hard work they putted into this update.

Ok so I’m going to get to the point that the new shooting system is just annoying at times. It’s hard to shoot because the aiming thing is just annoying. Unlike before you could just click at the target and now you have to have extremely precise aiming. I attended several trainings after this update and god how I never hit the target.

Not to mention I’m a mobile player ever since I’ve started ROBLOX so honestly this affects me a lot especially when I am attending a training and dealing with raids

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I don’t really see the problem I play on a tablet and I have no trouble btw I think the update makes it easier.

It’s really opinion and I think this is on people’s preferences. One might be easier for a person but harder for another. I think the game should give 2 options to the players. One is the old shooting system and the other one is the current shooting system.

Hmm maybe it would be easier for Phone players.

precise aiming makes it more fun

if your a three finger player this shouldn’t be a problem

Idk, this topic is only in my opinion.

I mean it is hard and i don’t like it so i agree with this poster