The random cuff bug

Please include the following in your reports.

  • Description Hello today a random cuffer cuffed me then he glithed me with the handcuffs into a blocked room or something after that he glithes me outsite the building so im stuck. you will see it in the video.
  • How often does it occur: Every time a person random cuffs u and starts glithing u trutgh the wall
  • Where does it occur Near the door in cell block
  • How to reproduce add something that tpes u back when a player is glithed in there/ extra layers of wall.
  • video of bug - YouTube

This isn’t really a bug it’s just abuse…

No it’s a glith thaf they can glith me trugh the wall but the cuff is abuse.

The only real thing is that the walls don’t have anything after them so if you get cuffed through the walls you go through it if there is a object there you don’t it’s that simple.

No there was a small room in there where ur stuck plus ur stuck in some places when u go in the wall look at the vid.

Ok, so this was already fixed BUT it doesnt work its intended to work. They worked on a solution for this but didnt find one so they stopped fixing it. They couls make the walls thicker but that would cause more lag

Whell a thing that tpes u back it won’t lag.