The_Xperimental banned since 2 days ago

This user, The_Xperimental has been banned unfairly by thaz_cool. Apparently popping tires is not a valid reason to issue a vote kick. Besides, vote kicking is for the in-game players to vote, not admins controlling what votes go through. Here are some images. Long live The_Xperimental and ErickCraft35 who was perm banned for apparently cheating/exploiting.

  1. Read it carefully: “This action is appealable! You may create a game-appeal ticket in Stateview Administration!”

  2. Why…

  3. Read

  1. If he got banned he can appeal without needing you talking abt it in here
  2. What’s the reason of the post?
  3. Thaz_cool is a good CAC, and as far as i have seen he doesn’t abuse, so the reason he punished the user was probably valid

And also, if admins can see the issued votekicks as you said there’s a reason.

I think all MR+ agree about this statement.

I agree with this statement even tho I’m not really a MR
(Tho as a CP I don’t think myself as a MR because no admin)