There’s too much abuse

The new officers and all other ranks have been abusing their tools non-stop, they have been killing unarmed prisoners instead of cuffing them, they aren’t using grammar, they don’t know how to use the callsign, and it’s extremely annoying to hear the lockdown from new commanders and other ranks hitting it. Maybe you should make the room for DW’s and up, and for the lockdown, maybe even Chairperson+ It’s annoying for them to spawn kill, camp, and all sorts of that. I think a very strict training would help. You could also remove some of the abusable tools until people have been trained to use them. By that I mean you train them, then they get access too the tools. If anything, I just want the abuse to stop.

(before i get any comments about that this is an old post, yes i know but it’s just that there is STILL abuse to this day) if you want the abuse to stop then you should report them in the intel server or run the command ‘modcall username reason’ or report it to an in-game HR

I am reviving this dead post


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