There should be a way to counter akm

There should be a way to counter akm because it’s really too OP, it’s 2 shot kill and we have no chance on killing the criminals with many numbers and even have OP damage, I saw many players getting killed like this and this is not on aim, ik m4a1 is good but it take 4 shots to kill and akm do 2 shot kill, so I want that the AKM should atleast be 4 shot kill in close combat and 5 to 6 shot kill in long range or improve m4a1 make it 3 shot kill and 5 shot kill in long range.

I’m not being selfish, I just want to have police an advantage

I can 1v5 crims that are CP- with a glock.

yep, most ppl who raid aren’t that good, with an m4a1 most of the time i have 10+ kills on crims before getting killed myself

That’s until there’s 11 bomb rushing cell block.

You are a clutch god, I mean DARK god.