This game needs major improvement now

Im getting really bored of this game, all you do is shoot and abuse because there isint much of content or anything else to do. We need now major improvement so no more team changes when you are being cuffed, cause that just what everyone does when you are tried to be punished in max or sol and continue just kill everyone. Second thing is what kind of punishment is 2 minutes in max and sol that just useful. And third thing is something activity in prison like workshops or something the main reason for just shooting everyone is tha everyone is bored.

Im sure many are tired of this including me so please take this seriously.

Im not tired in ANY way. Its not about the shooting, for me personally its more about the community and the challenge of ranking up. If you spend some time in the game you really get what I mean. Hosting is fun, attending is fun and also just roaming arround is fun. I just love the game how it is and I dont want any unnecassary changes. But to get to the point. You arent allowed to abuse and if you want changes specify what should be changed, just saying “Its boring” isnt really helpful. The things you said (except the one with team changing, where I fully agree on) arent major.

No, the point of the game is RPing and trying to rank up, thats more then enough

I don’t think you get or know the point of the game.

  • Bring back V1.
  • Make a big update.

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