This makes no sense

Bundles being more expensive than buying each item individually is bad for the Stateview Economy.

As we all know, bundles in Stateview are more expensive than if you buy each of the items in the bundle individually. Now, why is this bad? This is bad since bundles are supposed to incentivize players to buy more items just because they come cheaper than buying each item individually. Now if you make bundles more expensive that makes people not want to buy more items and buy fewer items or the only items they wanted to buy in the first place. To finish this off, I’m not trying to request that bundles be cheaper than buying each bundle item individually, I’m only saying this is pretty bad for sales. So yea. That’s all.

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this is sales

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Yeah people are going to expect lower prices and buy tge bundles anyway.

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My honest reaction:
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Ah ■■■■ here we again

For the fifth ■■■■■■■ time,
let them earn their profit. Buying all the passes at once is faster, so it’s more expensive.

Can’t you read that I’m not trying to critic this. They are smart making bundles more expensive.

We know this already




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you already posted about it: Stateview Economy. Commonly known as “corrupted”

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Ik but this has another purpose.

Well, I made a post about that some time ago.

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As i said, this has another purpose. Also I saw ur post and made 2 topics out of it.

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