To CMOTB+! Please read this. CMOTB or below, this is not for you!

Hello there CMOTB+! I was woundering about Votekick. You might be right about to stop reading, and check other requests, but please take your time to listen to me. First, you need every person with Votekick perms to be in intel, (and Main) to use the Votekick feature. Besides that, the person must log it in server logs, and they must be trusted, or verified, and be SI+. I am not trying to waste your time, but please. It could be so useful, and if you have Game Administrators to have cams, so they could check if it was a false Votekick, or it actually was needed. Of if there’s a CP+ in the server, they can decline, or accept the Votekick. Please. I think the SI’s+ can just get banned if they get 3 Votekick abuse warnings. Then they are banned from using it (appealable) Doing it again after appealing will result in another ban (unappealable). I hope you will think about this. Btw Stateview Prison Correctional Facility is loved. The best wishes -stormjust29. :sun_with_face: :smile:


No. I wrote so much stuff, and IT IS enough. If you have complaints, keep them in your own mind.

Hello @aventra_boy ;

Let me quickly sort things for you. This suggestion was already suggested many times. Executives wont be adding this back. We got modcalls wich are more effective and less abused. If we added votekicks back, game administration department would not be useful at all. Once again votekicks were abused a lot and now we have game administration wich is a lot effective and better. Executives made this decision to remove votekicks and they are NOT planning on adding it back. Thank you for hearing me out.

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We should only let CP+ can check the modcall logs. There are kids with SI so we can’t trust them!