Tool packs aren't worth their prize... But why?

Recently, I checked the prize of all gamepasses in Stateview Prison, and I noticed that Escape Pack and Illegal Weapons gamepasses aren’t just worth their prizes. Let me explain: Tool packs are just overpriced. For example, if you purchase the Illegal Weapons gamepass, then you pay 950 R$; but when you buy the pack contents separately, you pay 660 R$ (M4A1 worth 540 and knife worth 120). Same with the Escape Pack: It costs 750 R$, and separate tools cost 665 R$ (knife worth 120, Glock 17 worth 155, and Fake keycard for 390).

To conclude, by buying all the tools separately, you spend 1205 R$, and by buying all tool packs, you spend 1700 R$. So buying all the tools separately saves you 495 R$.

When is this going to be fixed?

SV Superintendent

welcome to stateview


… What? What do you mean by that?

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Bruh. That is unacceptable!
Like, seriously! Young kids will easily get scammed and lose LOTS of money! That’s bad as heck!

Not to be disrespectful or sth… Just stating facts!

this is just sales


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its simply business. maybe a bit dishonest but quite smart. there are no morals involved with stateview sales