Tools for private server owner

So, as you may know I am SSI. That means I cant be staff even in my private server. So, I think every owner of the private server should get free Glock 17, M4A1, keycard, AKM, and all that stuff for free so I might check the new update, like the new maintenance room, and all that stuff.

folosp2 - Suspended Security Inmate.


Yep all of that and maybe CACs admin or CPs admin it’s your priv server you should be able to do want you want in it.

And if you don’t add this maybe make it so you could pay Example: 200 robux to get these features.

Possible duplicate of this post

Mate, this is the third post I see you reviving from a year ago. I get that your pissed because you used mommy’s credit card to buy robux for a private server and didn’t get admin commands, but that doesn’t mean you have to revive dead posts FROM A YEAR AGO.