Tracker. For CP+

So i have recently noticed that there may be a good idea.
To let the people with HR Admin+ To get “track all” Where it would be easier to see who is abusing.

Like today I ended up having a guard outside the shower and mass shooting. And there was nothing I could do because I did not see who it was by the time I got outside.

Like it could help in many situations like.

  • Cheaters.
  • Locating people who are ruining the fun of others.
  • Tracking people from a raid.

And it may also help keeping track of the attendees on shifts.
And tryouts.

As you could simply just say track which can home in handy in my opinion.

Isn’t this the same as the view command or do you mean it just shows there location and not what they see.

Well the view cmd lets you watch them but you can’t watch someone you do not know the username.
Like its hard to get the username through walls.
So having the tracker would do that easier.
But instead of watching you would see who it was and then from there go to them or pm them.

So lik being able to see where everyone on a team is?

Yeah in a sense but like it would be more just showing the username and a yellow line towards them and that way catching them would be easier.

I think it’s a good idea but maybe you should only be able to track guards because criminals and inmates wouldn’t have radios or anything on them that is trackable

True even that will help with it.
Plus this could only be used by CP+
So I think the chances of it being abused are slim to none.
Plus I have noticed mostly guards are the ones abusing.

Mostly LR’s abuse , sometimes you see a PI or a DW abusing but not as often because they normally learn the rules by 16 hours in game

Many CPs abuse, if I got this suggestion right its a too abusable and OP command.

Well there must be a way to get it less abusable.
And less op.

I dont have a idea to make it less abusable, its just too OP. If you see anyone who is anywhere its too OP and if there is a person behind a wall then tell him in the radio that he should write “im stuck” or something so you get his username, then you use the view command and look if its acctually him and then res him for being stuck in a wall. Its fine that way and we dont need this feature as its too OP. There is a reason why CPs dont have commands as CACs do. They can still abuse. I dont see the need of this feature. I dont think this should be added, maybe just for PC+ because theyre trustable.

See the user was not stuck they where mass killing inmates through the wall at shower.

Then use the view command until you get the user and serverban them

I have a dilemma here.

Prison Commissioner+ would be completely useless, because you hardly ever see them in game apart from sessions.

CP+ would be abusive, as they are a starter admin and they still have to potential to abuse.

I would say either FD+ or CAC+, which would strike a balance.