Training center to train

Stateview should have Training Center, where people can join the server and train for a rank. This would be really fun and better to Train. Like it was before when Rez_b owned the group. I really miss it!

Hello @xChoco,
As I remember, this suggestion has been denied by @dpimpy multiple times. I think he told before, it shouldn’t be done, because it would lead activity away from the main game. I agree with @dpimpy! We are a group with so many CPs+ in our, we are constantly hosting sessions & it would lead many members away from the game & might lead them to the Training Center because they wait for a session. It would also make less attendees in a training, as not all constantly check or have discord. Maybe they could make a “Training ground” in the main game, optimized for training.

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I agree with @Valdemarcrafter. Most of the players are Just Playing to Attend or host Sessions. this can Cause a Massive Inactivity in Main game.

Now yes I agree with @Valdemarcrafter but if you were going to do this (which I don’t think will happen). You would probably have to schedule the trainings which would put pressure on HRs.

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