Training Center

I think it is time for a Training Center Game, as doing it in the Sessions Room can sometimes be a problem.

Why SR Hosting can be a Problem:

  1. Raids - This is a big problem, since a lot of criminals raid the SR.
  2. Spawn Killers - A lot of times, I have problems getting to the SR as there are spawn killers and some criminals/inmates are killing on the way getting to SR, and usually when I get to the SR, it is already locked or for Trainings, Max Helpers.

Maybe you can announce in the main game and there will be a button to teleport to the Training Center.

What can be hosted in the Training Center?

  1. Trainings - Of course, Trainings.
  2. Inspections - Since this does not involve inmates in real-time, we can host inspections in the Center as well.
    N/A - Shifts, Promo Shifts, RPCs as these involve inmates in Real Time.
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I believe this is a great idea! Many times an event has been interrupted by inmates/criminals/raiders because the host can/wont lock the doors. We could also add more additional trainings that could be hosted there [Something new] such as a teamwork training, or maybe a basic training for COs!
-Warden RaeDaElf

This would be kinda annoying and it would mess with the !joinserver command. I think SR security should be improved but I disagree with a separate game.

For now, maybe they shold give srlock to CP+ because sometimes, CAC+ forgets to lock or is not yet there.

Also Sometimes When A Facility Directory (FD) Host They Dont Need Supervisor For CAC+ So They Dont Have Perms to Lock The Sr And More Raids Happen There

Signed ikmsi_bukal-Warden

I think there should be a separate server for inspections only.

Dd3819 (W)

Keep it in game for every different session the game players would drop loads and if you did that you would have to make multiple session hosting points and answer this
How are you supposed to do an shift or a RPC on a different server I just don’t get it[spoiler]I like to blur text it looks epic also this is not click bait it’s just big blur.[/spoiler]

Maybe add a warp command or something for staff to use only during sessions. Training center would’t be great for people without discord who would have to check player count in training center to checkzif there is a training.



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[UPDATED] The SR has now that you can’t be killed anymore.

Stop reviving dead posts! Please

I do not think a separate game should be used.

Stop reviving dead posts, this post is from 2021

I strongly disagree with your idea. Hosting sessions in the main game maintains in-game activity, as well as makes new users play the game. They see a high playercount, so it’s common sense that they’ll join quickly. I hope you see the point.

Making a Training Center will just decrease the playercount by at least 20-30 players, which is a lot for Stateview. They used to have 600 players, although now they have like 150, so no - this is a terrible idea. Have a nice day/night/evening or whatever.