Training centre/Interview centre

I think a training centre should be added and CAC+ should host FD-CP co-host, not everything has to be in stateview prison, and add an interview centre and remove the quiz centre this way we could have people that have good grammar in-game and know what they are doing no trollers they will have to go through a test on the interview, questions, the interviewer should be neither FD or CP once the FD or CP decides that they passed or not they should go to the training centre which will do the training we do now on stateview prison you get the point.


Yes, it would be a good idea if we were to delete the quiz centre and add something new.

Great Idea! That would be more organized.

I don’t like the training center thing bc it will cause alot of stuff and moving stuff around in discord and state view but it is great but for new players will be hard.
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