Training f3iy mode and not typos

So here’s the problem. The hosts or co-hosts never said f3iy mode or not. In f3iy mode, if the host/co-host typos, it is a fake one, but not in f3iy mode, it is not a fake one. What should I do?

What is that thing f3iy mode

(Ahhh 30 letters)

Basically doing really hard faces.

Hello. Chances are, if it’s a typo, it’s a fake face. If the host sat you for a incorrect reason, always make sure to say PTS.

Hello juliuschow09,

Faces is a vital phase within trainings, the Host and/or Co-Host of the training may include fake faces such as left turn, center turn, etc. to test your reaction time and listening skills.

I’m also somewhat confused on what your trying to imply when you say “f3iy mode” if you could elaborate on that, that would be great.

Facility Director,
Stateview Community Management