Training for Correctional Officers

A BCOT ( Basic Correctional Officer Training) Where Training Correctional officers are taught how to do things properly IE: How to administer a warning when to kill when to arrest, how to address someone, how to protect the prison, etc. The rank before being trained can be TCO.

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A CP just suggested the same idea this day, back then there were tryouts you jad to pass to be ranked up but I disagree as many people would quit. These tryouts or BCOT would probably be rare and not many COs or TCOs would know how they could rank up and quit.

This is a question, who would train the CO’s? Like what rank to they have to be?

Something like that already exists and it is called a Tryout.

They aren’t hosted often and only CAC+ can host them but all LSI’s are invited to the SR to do something similar to a training to become a CO.

Fair but it is designed to filter out the bad apples so we don’t ruin the experience for others and inmates.

We could have a separate division/sector for training. We could have a curriculum to make things easer.

Having a separate sector/division could be the solution to this problem so we could train staff to be Instructors.