Training helpers

Ok I personally is not an FD and doesn’t know how annoying it is when over 5 wardens run over to you and spam “Perms to help?” But I’m sure it is annoying and me as warden also finds it annoying when I did not get picked or being one second late.

Due to the problem of trainings and wardens it is important for them as it’s one of the ways to get noticed and to our fellow FD+ This would help them reduce the annoyance of picking helpers.

If you’re wondering this process takes around 5 mins
First of all instead of wardens running over and non stop asking the host we should make them STS on the opposite line of where the trainees are standing. Afterwards the Co host/Host would team themselves to inmate and first to cuff them would become the first helper. Then comes round two for the second helper.

Pros/Cons of this idea.


  • It takes more time but it would definitely give less pressure to wardens and the host because you don’t know how many times I saw wardens fighting for being a helper and in the end the process takes even longer as the host have to deal with this trauma.

  • This is kinda unfair in some situations so we could have the Wardens to vote on a way to sort themselves out. For example they could do a knowledge test, shooting test, Faces etc instead of just cuffing.


  • A more fair way instead of rushing over and spamming the host for being a helper and in the end it’s just first come first server which is just annoying because some selfish people close the doors in your face so they could be first to the trainings.

  • Less pressure for host. I’m not a FD but I suppose this may help them because every time I attend a training the wardens are like crowding around the host and I suppose that is quite pressuring to pick a helper.

The wardeens who got there first will have the better position and will always win, just pick the helpers. The wardens should know that the host wants them to STS (when not statted otherwise in the announcenment) and if they dont I personally wont pick them. It works fine the way it is and it is way more annoying in the way you wanted it. I mean you still need to tell them to STS and they will still run up to you AND you probably even need to tell them that they shouldnt STS on the purple line where all other attendees are. I do t really see pros for this.

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Some FD’s use a random number generator from 1 - 10 and closest gets to help, and some FDs go by the level I think the random number generator is the best way because everyone has an equal chance.

I always just choose the first one to ask lol

Idk about other people but the only reason I wrote this was that I wish for people to have equal chances in being a helper. Honestly every time I go to a training helpers were already elected or either somebody steals your spot. So if you agree with my idea or not the main point is I wanted equal chances for everybody.

Im currently level 111 and I started being a warden at level 27. Even throughout this time I’ve been to many trainings but still I only helped in like around 3 trainings while every time the same people gets picked for helper

Lol I got warden at level 64 because I was premoted when I was PI at level 31 and that earlier in V1 in both game combined I’m level 300 and umm I’ve helped 0 trainings since V1