Training in vip servers

Hello. My suggestion is that, we should do trainings in private servers, so that it’s more easier to join and less inmates/criminals glitch in and kill us all. (already happened to me.) And what i meant by “More easier to join” is that the sessions host could just put the link of the vip server in the #session channel in the discord.


Vince :slight_smile:

Mobile can’t join and u wont get xp

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@Blub20074 Mobile can join vip servers… wdym, I’m on mobile, and I can join.

Not trough links

Gimme morecharacters

Most people that attend trainings dont join it from discord, most are just chilling in the server and attend. They would need to lower the amount of people needed to start by a lot. We would be lucky to get 2 attendees like that. So no. This is not a good idea.


People would need to join Via the VIP server link, that doesnt work on mobile.

Yes it does.

I’m on mobile and and if I press a link of the discord it takes me to the Roblox website the app.