Training/Inspection Stage channel

The Idea…

I have been hosting trainings for a bit now and I already see how annoying and hard it may be getting a message across or a point, especially with Roblox tags.

What it will do and be used for.

This will allow all people with the High-Rank to be stage admin and invite people to speak like the co-host and the helper. This will assist with communication and explaining.


There would only be 2-3 Stage channels because after some watching and attending I figured out the average amount of training being hosted at the same time is 2 or 3 and no more.
Roles with access: High Rank, Discord Mods, High Rank Announcer

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I very much like this idea. Although, would it be optional or not? Could you change the sessions format with an optional source such as a section saying Co-Hosting Staff: Required to join [VC #2]. This is just an example of many.

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It would have to be optional to respect the helpers Co-host and Attendees

Most people that attend trainings aren’t in the dizzy so this would not really be necessary

It would be useful for inspections, it would help narrow it to only people in the discord that are actually there, along with easier communications with the attendees.

Great idea and this would be very helpful. Only problem is some people might not want to speak in the channel so they’ll have to ask the supervisor or co hosts to do it which is kinda weird but overall great idea