Two things I experienced today

I was just in CR doing nothing on the computer. Then an admin comes and cuffs me… Is this allowed? I think it’s kinda abuse. I think admin abuse
It’s a timelapse by the way.
Also, I had a ERT say their a Warden when they clearly aren’t

I am COMM.

For 1 they may have removed you from CR because there was an on-going Lockdown or Blackout.
But for 2. Just ignore them.


For 1 That is not necessarily AA (admin abuse) It is more of Cuff abuse.

@adtcbyfg6. Well, there was not a ongoing session - I did check Channel 2.

Then its cuff abuse

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I did put I think at the start tho cause I wasn’t sure.

If you are sure wasn’t a shift report it in the intel server, though the CAC had a reason for it, also it seems weird how you were just kinda recording, I mean r/screenshotsarehard.

It could’ve been clipped bc thats what I do.

Maybe somebody modcalled on you and they are putting you to private place.

@BuzzyBoy216 No it was just after a update & the user was put in my server