Unban some groups

Not to hate the community but is it just me or SV banned some other games groups that are quite good, I like this game but I also play some other prison games, so I hope you guys would unban the games that didn’t do anything wrong so that I can enjoy every games.

Can you give some examples of them?

Jimmy blacklists any kinds of groups but usually only scam or fake groups. If you mean any other prsion game, none are blacklisted yet. The only person which can make a change which is in this forum is actually 4D and even we cant unblacklist groups. Thats the info I got about this topic.

Ya i put this post in the wrong group

not group I mean section, ah ;-;

Which section you want it in? Just curious.

Ya i will list one of the games that I played but got blacklist: it is called SQSP(San Quentin State Prison) it is different in a lot of ways and they got their similarities but they didn’t copy. You can check it out if you want to. I can send the link to you in dc if you want to.

Yes can you please send the link to it?

sure dc?
What is your dc so i can dm you

Oh never mind I don’t have discord.

I can friend request you on Roblox if you like and then you can message it to me.

ok i will send it here
[BETA] San Quentin State Prison - Roblox?

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Oh ok thx for that now I can loook at it.

your welcome @Dark1 I don’t think people will believe this is original as some “SV simps” will try to point out the “similarities” in some prison games.

so dark did you tried it yet? If you did reply me

Hmmm, northwood and other prison games arent blacklisted either, Idk why they are.

yes idk either and it is the groups

so if you didn’t joined the group you can’t know

maybe it is because this game is throwing a lot of ads after some days and they talked to this creator so they know what’s going to happen so they try to blacklist this group to tricking people into thinking this game group is bad, and slowly make this game looks like trash

I meant the groups. Jimmy doesnt always have reasons to do something and he just does it. We dont know him good enough to actually know why he blacklists them. Frankie cant do anything either, he doesnt even know them.