Uniform changes for Warden, Chairperson, and Facility Directors

So this idea came to me while reading a different thread about uniforms. So my though is to not change the uniforms completely but to maybe add on to them. Because theses ranks have almost the same uniforms Warden, Chairperson, Facility Director and I am not sure about Community Advisory Council and above. But I do know that theses ranks do have the same uniform shirts. And I see this happen a lot where someone will call someone by the wrong rank for example someone will call a Chairperson a Warden, Yes I do know this means nothing but its kind of annoying. And if we changed the uniforms just a bit I’m not saying make an entirely new uniform for each rank but even little things here and there would just be nice like the detail on the belt with the keys cuffs taser gun and other stuff. but adding little things like that maybe some like pens or pins that could mabey say like if it was a shirt for a Warden there could be a pin that just has a W on it so you could tell the rank better. This may reduce the amount of confusion on what rank is what because most people won’t look under their name and see the rank. And other little changes like this may help improve the uniforms. This is my take on what I think could be a way to make the Stateview uniforms better.

For CP and FD needed, CAC+ jave the option to wear their normal outfit without uniform but they also use warden uniform.

Do wardens like me need it? Because they have the uniform.

That is also a good idea I didn’t think of.

The point here is so that CP+ Have a different uniform than wardens. No wardens would not need it. It would not affect them.

I completely agree with this. New uniforms for CP+ Would be great! Constantly having the same uniform can get kinda stale over time. And from W-FD you would have the same uniform which (In my experience) Was about 4-5 Months of the exact same uniform. Don’t get me wrong i do love the White uniform but i feel they should update it a bit. Maybe a black one?

love for the dw’s? you putting us in the dark mate

DW- all have a uniqze uniform, thats why you dont need a new one but W+ all have the same uniform.

An idea i have for this could be this uniform

With the police stuff removed this would be a really nice uniform for CP+