Uniform redo for the roles

The uniforms are really boring so you should be able to do custom uniforms on private servers, also they should do a redo for the uniforms in general.

Yeah, it’d be pretty cool to see a uniform update.

It would be interesting to see, if they were to follow through of course, new uniforms.

They should make it a contest which is judged by the community to get to 10 remaining designs per type of uniform needed (inmate, correctional officer, ERT and the others) then the Chairman of the board and some others are will judge the uniforms to get the winner. An extra cool thing would be if the winner got a robux reward or a rank called “uniform creator” in game.

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Me when I forgot to rely to the comment made but just made a comment.

Well, that might take away the stateview branding so maybe just a concept and the devs can remake it?

I don’t entirely know myself, but that’s where the rules/ qualifications could come in. But, you’re probably right anyways.

Yes, unifrom update i want to see new one too bored to see old unifrom

Or they could put requirements for each item

As I said, I think you could submit them as a concept but the devs can recreate it

Yes, sorry I didn’t understand what you meant