Uniforms,THEY BAD.+ M4A6 for commandeer Or PI

1part: add new uniforms,for every team,MO looking,uh, U N P R O T E C T E D,They would add a normal one T-shirt and armor.Commandeer and PI has no changes,like a Dw and W.only CP got a new uniform.
Cmon bro, from CO to W and having one uniform.

2part: When played as COMM or PI,Team CO,you got only one glock,so make that CO COMM or CO PI have m4a6.

Ok, first of all, your spelling and grammar is just horrible, second of all, for your part 1, its not needed, we have same uniforms because have you seen in prisons that guards wear different uniforms with different ranks? The stripes are enough. Third of all, for part two, just join ERT team bro like its not that hard.

Still,these blue uniforms are very bad,no variety, @Sirnotnormal

I said look at the whole view, the uniforms are just fine the way they are and the stripes are what tells the ranks apart, Thats how irl prisons do it.

what poles does each rank have in our game?

I think that kid underage lmao


When i first saw i was like wtf, then I was like oh prob underaged