Uniforms update

I think everyone agrees to this that we need new uniforms.

Some uniforms are buggy like on the corners if you know what I mean.

Also like an armory for ERT??

Please devs this game has gone through alot of updates and not a recent one has updated the uniforms for crying out loud.

They literally updated it like around 1 month ago, before it was even worse like Commanders shirt had even more stripes that the Prison Inspecter
jerryomgxu - FD

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Explains why the Commander Uniform looks better than Deputy Warden and Warden

Warden use to have the white uniform that are now exclusive CP-FD

In my opinion DW-W shirt looks better than COMM shirt

Yk what i see, you’re trying to get the uniform for W back to the white uniform indirectly because you’ve seen us tell people in 20 different ways why thats a horrible idea :grin:

The uniforms are great right now. Dont try to change em.

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Lol ruby I didn’t even catch that

There’s no point in W having white uniform anymore lol